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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2014 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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until we're faced to leave to take a 98-year-old and ask her to leave 50 years of her husband's memories she knows what they are abruptly is and to take her out of that situation and pit her anywhere for any amount of money is a death sentence for her in my opinion. >> thank you. thank you in essence speaker >> executive director of the aids housing alliances in san francisco. thank you very much for this hearing. 24 point percent of people who have hiv and aids were dismralsz. that doesn't include the latest run off and when we passed mind legislation to help curve some of the evictions san francisco
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we throw everything we could and couldn't impact the hiv and infection rates we had studies from harvard and columbia that showed the comparison between- half a and the housing displacement. it's when we were able to do something about hiv and the data after package of my legislation showed that the infection rates went down for the first time. back when we were talking about the condo conversion rates i plead with this body not to give away the rates so, now the evictions are up and the hiv is up. also for me personally you know
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when i was on pearl street i was with a documentary film crew that is playing at the film festive one hundred people from my block were displaced so everything is now gone that i grew up with. i've received relocation when i was evicted that money last day me from seven hundred a month to 11 hundred had a month i had to give up any housing it's not just me >> bryan a quick question were you at 67 pearl. >> yes. >> i was looking at the should not the anti displaying map you gave to us and said a everyone
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on pearl street is listed as homeowners is 3 units in that building. so is that what - >> i don't have a place to live right now. >> okay. >> at the listed those units for 4. million each and she'll e she's a serial eviction our and they've listed the conversion for several millions each. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is a alison wright. i've been a resident and citizen for 25 years i'm heartbroken. i have a victorian splarlt landlord who eyes not making repairs and allowing people to have the services they've agreed
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upon to she used these things as ways to gutting get you to leave. she disrupts the building and tenants making them fight amongst each other i've lost my partner over money maternity. i want to say i'm really outdone and outraged that you are looking at numbers and thinking about numbers when you're not looking at a human problem. it's a human right to have food and shelter if you live somewhere you shouldn't lose your shelter and right now i can't get to va low. i can't get there.
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you have to looked at the numbers of the voters the people that put you in office right now will be begun and the new people don't care they're gone 18 hours a with day and looking at at living in san francisco. it was my home i'm an artist and good building i should be evicted for this stuff (clapping.) before we get to the last speaker you'll call the last number of cards. i'm sorry, i can't pronounce the last name and a card with no name on that. again there are yellow cards if i've not called your name thank you. go ahead >> i'm laura i've lived in san francisco for 39 years.
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thank you supervisor campos for sponsoring this and supervisor cowen and supervisor mar for co-sponsoring. this is only one issue in the bucket we need additional legislation to help people stay in their homes. it is not if you have to the perspective and will not low evictions it's better to keep people in their homes. personalities on speculators should defer evictions and those proposed eviction amaze are not likely to help. no amount of peenlt will stop the greed there has to be minimal compensation for people that are jeopardize by evictions. as citizens and communities we're hurt we're all hurt by the loss of mortality and compassion. it's the responsibility of
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leadership to act and act quickly to protect the right of housing and not the right to speculate. please, please adapt the elimination and draft other legislation to help people stay in their homes and stop the speculation in the city. we've you'll suffered the loss of the vibrancy >> i apologize we have additional cards let me read those names (calling names) go ahead. >> thank you, supervisor. i get 31 seconds? okay oh, it started i'm dennis i'm a native san franciscan.
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i really appreciate this legislation and i appreciate this hearing. i live on tenth avenue in the sunset for 41 years. right up the block there's a serial vooeks evict our she bought the house building last year and she's done this 6 times 5 of them in district 5. she's allowed to get away with this and she augment u ought to be strung up. the mom and pop concern we've heard today from my point of view that's a thin i didn't valid version to have mom and pop on the same level as spafrlts. speculation a rapid cancer in
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our city. i fully support the legislation one concern that is the two years rental relocation fee maybe too small to dissuade the speculators. they know how to crunch numbers and they know what to write off. when i went to the convention the federal law is 4 years of convention fee if our real intention is to stop the speculation if we're only going to slow it down that's not enough i urge you to not delay and get what you need to do and move the speculation. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. i am not going through an ellis
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act but encouraged by supervisor campos office to speak. i'm marie gonzales i'm the primary caregiver for a person with dementia. my mother has received a hawkins notice it's not roche me as a tenant. i am now a tenant but i will have to look for housing for myself and my mother. so i strong support any legislation that's going to help people get back into the housing market that's been long-term tenants in san francisco and encourage the board of supervisors to revisit the process that happens in terms of folks going to the housing authority and trying to work their way through the lotteries and those waiting lists. i spent the last 3 days going
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all over san francisco and visiting different agencies and i'm getting really different answers there's a prioritization process and nobody has been able to tell me what that maples. maybe we need to go some homework around the processes we have in place to get people to the huggers and what that means. so i'm hoping you're able to pass this legislation >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi, i'm shawn draw i live on market street between 6 and 7. i'm currently fighting an eviction there's 80 units in the building half of us are holding out we've been there song and thanks to supervisor jane kim who's been helping us.
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sxhars the supervisor campos legislation that's being debated i hope if the wording on it is as strong as possible to discourage eviction and put this into the legislation. the building i live on market street it a mixture of people. primer their lgbt artists s and some seniors we were supposed to be out by thanksgiving and christmas of last year. a recent article in the business newspaper is that whole block on market street between 6th and 7th is a number of high-rise planned for that area and a the hotel will be torn down and kaplan's will be torn down and the bill yard street i understand is owned by shore
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stop signs and own the twitter building and plan two huge high-rise complexed that will be a constriction of housing and retail and there's no mention of lower rate housing in that those 20 buildings. can you imagine market street with high-rises between 67th and 7th. we need to take care of the seniors that are being thrown out of the city your next speaker >> hi, the com mends are here. i'm the only actual you will t actual mom and pop person here i'm speaking on behalf of the one hundred percent of mom and pop landlords i'm the president of the small property owners
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we're a pack of insignificant landlord and we believe that as landlords in san francisco we're not special we're not good at being landlord we would go smoking gun somewhere else like detroit detroit. we have been too good and things should change. we didn't do anything to get the incredible units i have one rental in my home and supervisor wiener we put in some cabinets from i can we we discovered a gold something in our yard. but i think there's a sound legal agreement because our legal system is based on the idea you should have the liability to do what you want as
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long as your rights don't hurt other people that's why in san francisco we've lead the way in helping people like in gay marriage we and mexicans and cripple lists things like evictions and the heather crystal bluegrass effectively (clapping.) next speaker >> i'm a stand up comedian i've tried to stay in the city i know more about 0 job subscribes. i moved here in 2008, and moved out of the closet into a literal closet to stay here. i'm sure that the landlords think about the impacts of the tenants maybe it they've briefly
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thought about squeaking insistence and at the same time have a brunch to go to for may people see they have other options of people being evicted maybe people can move into drug filled hotels or cool light packs but we need this legislation. the apartment association expressed the benefits that they will benefit rich the tenant are low income residents that includes the seniors they think their people are - most people enjoy living in run down apartments because their bohemians but in all sisness the
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impact of this legislation we can become a social experiment of the city i look at this city and it's special. thank you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm nourishing i'm a stand up comedian i will in the richmond. i'm here to talk about the mom and pops we've been talking about. i took time to checkout the websites for the sf apartments association and other associations i want to learn what they're about to get a feeling and went to their f a x's to learn about their tops and how much can i raise rent this. that's invested in san franciscans my their that
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tenants questions one and it were about basic computer functions and question was was how to print forms and two was how to use the crop down memo so perhaps the apartments association and i have more in common which is the stacks for technology and tech people in general (laughter) >> i don't know if alongside have a lot of experience if you think it's 18 to train an agreement against a passionate person. if it was your dream to build a robot nerd you're killing it. i want to talk about if you give
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a mouth a cookie he'll go off the admissible but if you give a tech guy guy a cookie that's different. that's it for me (laughter) >> next speaker. >> hi, i'm matthew lee i'm one of the tech guys you're all democratizing i customize the goggle results me and my friend public health together a tech. as a future rich person i've been noticing your talking about the income quality but we're losing sight of the issue. the real issue is how did the it is for me a future condo owner to visit the properties i'll one
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day live in. i've been looking at the beautiful common sense but supervisor campos every future condo i've met with the same thing every time i've met with a working-class family interrupting their dinner. i don't understand what the issue is they act like they own the place they don't own they rent. bay every future condo i go into is locked by a deadbolt sometimes, i had to climb through a window to get a glimpse of my future home. i say i'm a forward thinker. you think of us tech guys grand
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dizzying we all listen to sin pishgz i've almost completed auto rash but i'm barely kissing the eye beggar i can take that. if i'm a criminal so are the landlords (laughter) >> next speaker. >> you are honors if it mrs. the court and jury i'd like to introduce might have. i'm born and raised in san francisco, california. i'd like to say hi, how is everyone doing today. i've got some charts i think might help my little speech. here's an image of a person with the amended >> can you get that on tv. >> if you guys are amended
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those things if you don't here's an i imagine it's conclusive (laughter). >> it's not a good idea to do that. i worry about that amendment act excited i live in oakland now i've been the victim and my parents will tell you they kicked me out because i didn't pay the rent. it's no laughing matter i live in oakland when is a pretty good place to live if i don't make a lot of money and don't mind violence. that's all i'm trying to say i know what's going on in san francisco there's a lot of brown people here it's america if you can't afford to live here so you can't be upset.
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i really should wrap up. here's a good point moving old people is mean. all right. we shouldn't do it those people are the most vulnerable and we should protect them. here's a chart stunning information. did you know the long-range you live the higher chance of being an old person increases thus we'll all be vulnerable so protect the old people please and next speaker >> thank you. i'm shawn i'm a build the win award stand up comedian. i am shifk about what the landlord said if the proposed
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legislation passes it will be difficult to determine the rate for an apartment par that's drew true where will you find the market like in greg's lists the landlords own rental listing perhaps their personal tax returns it's compounding and i'm not sure how that can help. homelessness could be on a rise you can see art and other things and who wants that or i need a $14.50 percent grilled cheese sandwich if i am going to make it. i was living in supervisor
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wiener district i was sent out so i do so both sides of this issue. since i left in may of 2010 it's been sold twice so i don't think there's a lot of stability in the neighborhood and i would be speculating but i think that that is a great grateful speculating and unfortunately, a that's the only speculating i can afford to do. thank you >> okay. thank you very much any additional public comment. >> i hope you'll be as fub ted and i can't believe i have to follow that (laughter) i want to reiterate what's been said before that's the vast
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amount of the evictions that are doing more than half of the lokz here in san francisco right now they buy rent control parents and kick and the tenants within a shorter period of time. the legislation introduced by mark leno in sacramento the tenants asked him to do it and the lgb's in san francisco and what it says you have to own the property for at least 5 years but you, you can do did ellis act because the ellis act is done years the vast bulk of them 80 percent are done within the first 2 years and the bulk s are done within the first year colored to the day of purchase
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and were done in the first 67 months. this is done by reaming developers and this is not by the alongside they make millions. the amount we're talking about for relocation is really chump change to the great profits that they make so we definitely urge this be passed unamended >> thank you, mr. collier. >> thank you, steve collier tenderloin housing clinic. regarding what constitutes a hardship it's important to understand the rent board has as a backstop the constitutional fair rate in issuing a landlord can make a fair rent of return.
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with regards to the controllers factor for determining what the market rate will be for the unit it's important to understand it wasn't super clear to me, however, the factor includes a reduction from the current represent down to what is considered the initial rent based on the allowable increases and from that the factor includes the market rate increases from the pointed up to the present. so it assumes that the allowable rent increases have been taken by the landlord >> if i interrupt that's not what i right hand lane mr. egon. >> right but i asked him and he
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confirmed it. >> we'll get clarity. >> that makes it, you know, a complete picture of what happens with the market and also i think landlord do impose especially the speculators increase the ellis act on a 50 day notice if more than 10 percent. i think the and i think the owners will determine based on their calculations as to what makes the minimum payment and whether they impose the increases or not will be what the maximum or minimal is under the ellis act as amended thank you very much >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on item 5? you've already >> i think supervisor kim has a
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question. >> oh, yeah. supervisor kim. >> please come up. my question was i know there was a study done of the victorious so there's a lot of concern about the mom and pop and how this legislation impacts them but who's the veeshgors. >> i just wanted to address that we finished compiling a lot of research and joint tenants with the organizations looking at the ellis act eviction and i have numbers to share and make public. first of all, one hundred and 3 units were evicted by serial evictors 41 percent of the units alone were evicted by folks who ellis